Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday: The First Month of Marriage

Ahh, Thursday. I am so glad this week is passing fairly quickly and the weekend is almost here!

I actually wrote most of this post last week to post last Thursday, but everything (read: work) got so crazy, I never got around to posting it! Oh, well.

This week has been kind of hectic too, so I'm glad to have a chance to pause and think about what I'm thankful for this week. The best part about this week: Drew and I celebrated one month of marriage on Tuesday! Needless to say, I have a lot to be thankful for this week.

And with that, it's on to the list!

I'm thankful for one month of marriage. So far being married to my best friend has been awesome. I can't wait for the many, many months and years yet to come!
Our honeymoon feels so long ago now. I guess that means it's time to save up for another vacation!

I'm thankful I have a gym buddy. I love working out, but sometimes I have a hard time motivating myself to get to the gym. Sometimes I'm tired or I get home too late or I'd rather eat a bunch of Halloween candy and sit on the couch.

But Drew and I have been really good about keeping each other motivated to go to the gym 3-4 times a week since we moved in together, and I love it. There have been a few days in that time when I would not have been able to motivate myself to go, but Drew has convinced me I'll feel better once I work out. And he's always right.

Even though we're both doing our own thing when we get to the gym I'm glad we go together. It's still time together, even if we're too out of breath to talk, and we're keeping ourselves healthy at the same time. Hooray for trying our hardest to be a fit couple!

I'm thankful our internet connection has been cooperating lately. We have a pretty awful internet connection in our apartment that frequently disconnects, stops, and just generally is slow and irritating. There was even a week where the internet in my entire apartment complex went out inexplicably on three different days and wouldn't come back on for hours. Really helpful for someone who works from home 50% of the time.

Usually the internet acts up every few days, but I feel like it's been running smoothly for the last couple of weeks (minus a day or two of hiccups - a vast improvement from the norm). Definitely helpful for work, but also more important things like blogging and perusing Pinterest :)

I'm thankful we're almost done with our thank you cards. That's right, Drew and I have been married for just over a month, and we have roughly 10 thank you cards to go until we're completely finished!

My ambitious goal is to have them all finished by the end of this weekend, and it looks like we just might make it! It's going to feel really good to have them all written and out in the mail, especially since we're going to be moving to a new apartment in a couple weeks. There's no way we're redoing all of the return addresses on everything.

I'm thankful for candy. I love sugar and chocolate and other things that are bad for me, and I am so psyched that we still (miraculously) have leftover Halloween candy in our apartment.

I'm thankful there hasn't been snow yet in Michigan. At least not around these parts. I would be completely content if there wasn't any snow until 2012. It's unlikely, but a girl can dream. I'm just glad we don't live on the East coast or any other places that have been unfortunate enough to experience snow already this season.

I'm thankful I have the weekend off of work. Oh, so thankful. You know what this means, right? Another perfect weekend awaits! I already have my eye on a few delicious-looking recipes I found on Pinterest to try and recreate on Saturday.
Chocolate chip pecan cookies & granola bars via Smitten Kitchen; pretzels via Budget Bytes; homemade thin mints via Food.
I'm definitely not going to make everything pictured; I don't have that much free time. Right now it looks like the homemade pretzels are the recipe most likely to be made this weekend. Yum!

And finally...

I'm thankful we'll have our wedding pictures within the next few days! I have been dying to see our wedding pictures for, well, a month now and, like I mentioned yesterday, we finally got the call from our photographer that our picture DVD is on its way!

I think it's safe to say that my weekend will be pretty much consumed by going through all of our pictures and (finally) getting around to putting together my recaps of our big day.

What are you thankful for this week? Anyone else celebrating any major milestones this week?

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