Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Reception: Part 1

Here's another roundup of my wedding posts so far, just in case you're catching up:
Make sure you check back later tonight for Part 2 of my reception review!

Our Reception: Part 1

Drew and I pretty much made our own reception centerpieces, since we didn't want to mess with flowers and just wanted something simple. We ended up decorating each table with three different sizes of candles placed on silver chargers.
Word of advice to anyone hoping to find medium-sized candle holders: they're pretty much impossible to find. We originally picked some up from Dollar Tree only to realize they weren't wide enough for the medium-sized candles sold at Michael's and Jo-Ann (where we purchased ours). The properly sized candle holders were eventually found at Michael's, but we had to purchase them a few at a time since they were so hard to find in quantities more than 3 or 4. The Flint store was responsible for saving our butts when they got a shipment in and luckily held them all for us for two days. Phew!
The rest of our table decor was pretty simple - silver runners with a white accent runner.

We were also fortunate to get our chair slipcovers for free, which really helped complete the look we were going for.
Our reception favors were mini boxes full of candy corn - pretty much the only "fall" element in our entire wedding (minus the season itself).

And now for some fun pictures of our wedding party's grand entrances to the reception. We all walked danced in to "Love Machine" by The Miracles (also known as one of the songs from the dance scene of "Heavyweights").
Kevin and Cindy definitely had the best entrance. Sorry, everyone else.
Drew and I didn't dance in - we had to keep our "first dance" pure.
Once everyone was seated we listened to toasts from some of our wedding party. First up was Michelle, who introduced Drew and I to each other at Disney. Basically, she's the one who was responsible for our wedding even happening :)
Drew's best friend and best man, John, also gave a speech and did an awesome job. Way to return the best man favor to Drew!
After Michelle and John spoke, my dad came up to thank everyone for coming and pretty much brought everyone to tears. Nice work, Dad.
After that we enjoyed an awesome buffet dinner, and then got to the "big" reception stuff like cutting the cake and dancing. I'm going to dedicate another post to those festivities, so check back later today for the rest of our reception!

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