Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Recipe Review: S'mores Cookies

Over the weekend Drew and I made some delicious s'mores cookies using this recipe from Baked Perfection.

I love baking, but haven't made anything in so long because:
1. Living by myself = no one to share my baked goods with
2. I don't have much free time to spend baking

Luckily, though, I now have an excellent roommate/husband to share baked goods with AND I didn't have to work over the weekend, which meant plenty of free time for baking on Friday.

The only change we made to Baked Perfection's recipe was to cut out the chocolate chips and use crushed Hershey bars in their place. Otherwise, we followed the recipe pretty much exactly.

Step 1: Crush graham crackers for dough. Discover partway through crushing that the back of an ice cream scoop works better than your fist.

Step 2: Put graham cracker crumbs in mixer along with other baking necessities like eggs, sugar, butter, flour and other stuff.

Step 3: Mix everything together using the awesome mixer you got as a wedding gift.

Step 4: Make sure you clean all of the cookie dough off of the mixer thingy (technical term).

Step 5: Put dough balls onto cookie sheet.

Step 6: Watch cookies bake in the oven and get really excited to eat them. Also eat extra batter from bowl and neglect to share pictures of how much dough you actually ate.

 Step 7: Take cookies out of the oven and realize dough balls were not spaced out enough. Ignore the fact that your cookies will be hexagonal.

Step 8: Transfer cookies to cooling rack. Break some cookies in process, and decide those should be eaten immediately, since you obviously didn't eat enough dough earlier.

These cookies were so easy to make. I think the hardest part was getting the marshmallows in place, since that step involves removing the cookie sheets mid-baking to apply a few mini-marshmallows to each cookie. It was like a race against time.

The cookies came out much flatter than we expected (obviously), but have a nice chewy texture and really do taste like s'mores! Plus they are delicious.

The recipe says it makes about 4 dozen cookies, which is about on target with what we got (the above picture is only about half of our batch). Somehow we ended up with enough cookies to eat a few each day and give some away to Drew's parents and still have some sitting around this morning.

My review of Baked Perfection's S'mores Cookie Recipe: 4/5 spatulas (or something else baking-related)

Now everyone go make a batch of s'mores cookies and share some with me. We're running low on our supply!

Have you found any good cookie recipes lately? Please share!

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