Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Our Wedding: Getting Ready

We finally received our wedding pictures last week from our amazing photographer, Adam, at Harbour Light Photography. He did such a great job with our pictures, both the day of our wedding and with editing the finished product. All pictures in my recap from this point are from Harbour Light, unless otherwise noted.

Like I mentioned yesterday, I have a ton of pictures and moments to recap, but I'm going to do my best to stick to a schedule to get this recap out to everyone as soon as I can!

For now, let's kick off my recap from the start of our day: getting ready!

Getting Ready: The Girls

October 8 started off fairly early with our hair appointment at 9am. We kept it in the family for our appointment and went to the salon owned by my sister-in-law's parents. They did an amazing job with our hair! I always had trouble keeping my hair in updos for high school dances, but miraculously my hair stayed in place all day - even during the reception when I was dancing all over the place!
Getting teased and looking a little crazy. (Photo from Suzie)
Much better! (Photo from Suzie)
We arrived at the church a while later to eat lunch and change into our dresses.
I don't wear a ton of makeup everyday, so I opted to do my own for the wedding. It only took me about five minutes to get ready, which was excellent!
I'm so glad we were all able to get ready together. I had so much fun catching up with my bridesmaids since all of them live in other states. I hadn't seen Michelle or Emily in at least a couple years!
Of course we ate Jimmy John's for lunch.
Scarfing down a sandwich before putting on your wedding dress and taking photos probably isn't the best idea, but at least it was tasty!

After lunch, I had to change into my dress so we could get started on our pictures, including our "first look" pictures (Drew and I definitely saw each other before the ceremony, and I am SO glad we went with that decision!).

Yes, we had the pregnant lady do up all 3000 or so buttons up the back of my dress. My dress was very fitted, with a flowy bottom and tons of lacy appliques and beading all over it. I felt bad for the woman who did my alterations because there were so many details she had to work around.

My dress was the complete opposite of what I thought I would end up with, but I absolutely loved it and it was so comfortable to wear all day. But more on my dress here.
Getting all buttoned up.
Getting a hug from my mother-in-law.
With my amazing bridesmaids!
I felt a little rushed getting ready since we got to the church a little later than planned and Drew and I wanted to take quite a few pictures before the actual ceremony. I probably had about an hour to eat lunch, do my makeup and get changed, which ended up being plenty of time for me.

Looking back, it's probably better that I didn't have much time to sit around before pictures because I probably would have felt a little more nervous or antsy! There was plenty of antsy-ness before the ceremony, but more on that in another post.

Getting Ready: The Guys

While all of this was going on in the girls' dressing room, here's what was happening with the guys:

After getting ready, I waited for the OK to head out of our makeshift dressing room to go outside and meet Drew for our "first look" pictures. Stay tuned for that post tomorrow!


  1. I'm having deja vu looking at these pictures! We also got Jimmy John's to have before the wedding, and it was a great choice.

    Can't wait to see more!

  2. Jimmy Johns is always a good choice :)