Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Our Wedding: First Look Pictures

Where did I leave off? Oh, yes, Drew and I had just finished getting ready and were about to meet each other outside for our "first look" pictures.

For anyone who might not know, first look pictures are photos from when the bride and the groom first see each other on the day of our wedding. For most people this would be when the bride is walking down the aisle, but we decided to do it a little differently. 

Since we got married in fall and weren't sure how much daylight we'd be lucky to have after our ceremony, our photographer suggested we take as many pictures as we could before the ceremony. It took us a few days to come around to this idea (Drew's pretty traditional, what can I say), but ultimately we decided it would be good for not just our wedding pictures, but for our nerves, for us to see each other before the wedding. 

I am so glad we went with that decision because not only did it calm my nerves, but Drew and I got to spend almost our entire wedding day together, rather than waiting until 3:30 pm to finally be in the same room as each other. Plus, this allowed us time to talk and have a little alone time (with our photographer not too far away...) when we first saw each other, rather than jumping straight into the ceremony.

We had our first look pictures taken outside of the church, so Drew and Adam (our photographer) headed outside before our coordinator came to my dressing room to tell me it was time to meet my husband! 
Heading outside to see Drew for the first time all day!
Finally together!
I think this was at the point when we were wondering what we should be doing. Haha, we're awkward.
Posing for the photog.

And there you have it! We had to cut our little outdoor photo session short because the farmer behind the church decided that was a good time to harvest his crops, so dust was flying everywhere. We headed back inside to take some more shots of just the two of us and then some portrait shots with our parents and wedding party.

The boutonniere was a bit of a struggle.
Our fantastic wedding party! 

Stay tuned for my ceremony recap tomorrow!

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