Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ten for Tuesday: Reasons I Like Fall

Anyone who knows me knows that I hate being cold. Fall sucks because the weather takes a turn for the worse (read: below 70 degrees) and only means that awful, awful winter is right on the horizon. It's terrible.

BUT, despite that there are a few reasons I like fall, so instead of being a grump about the season I decided to focus (at least for today) on why I like fall.

Reasons I Like Fall

1. I don't sweat all over the place. Okay, I know I just finished saying that I don't like being cold, so maybe this sounds a bit contradictory. It's true, I'll take a 90-degree day over a 50-degree day anytime, but I also sweat a lot. Being cold may suck, but at least I'm not sweating all over the place.

2. The changing colors. The trees are mostly dead around here now, but a few weeks ago (and especially on our wedding day) the leaves were gorgeous. One thing I love about living in Michigan instead of Illinois is that the roads are usually lined with trees, not cornfields. Since I drive so much for work, I appreciate the lovely colors I get to see along the highway on most days. So pretty.

3. The holidays are almost here! It's almost the most wonderful time of the year! Fall means Thanksgiving and Christmas, which means time with family, delicious food and presents! All good things.

4. Drew and I met and got married in the fall. October 2009 = when we met. October 2011 = when we got married. Yeah, I think I have a new favorite month.

5. The good Daylight Savings Time happens. I don't know who thought "springing forward" was a good idea, but "falling backward" is nothing short of genius.

I got roughly five hours of sleep on Friday night, so getting an extra hour of sleep on Saturday night was fantastic. I think my body is still adjusting to the time change, but that's okay. Anything for an extra hour of sleep!

6. Pumpkin everything. Lattes, muffins, granola, candles... all good. I love pumpkin and how delicious it smells and tastes. Part of me wishes that pumpkin products were available year-round, but I know part of the reason pumpkin is so good is because it's a rare treat. I'll be sad when Thanksgiving is over and it's officially time to say goodbye to pumpkin until next September.

7. Sweaters and boots. One benefit about being cold: layering up. I don't care how ugly my Ugg boots may be, I love wearing them. Especially with skinny jeans and a baggy sweater. Judge all you want, but I dare you to find a more comfortable and warm outfit than that.

8. The end of political ads. Election day, be gone! I hate political ads so much, and I always look forward to the day after election day so I don't have to watch or listen to the ads anymore. Although, with 2012 being an election year I'm not so sure I'll be able to avoid political ads for too long. And so it goes.

9. Apple orchards. Apple orchards are so much fun, and one of the things I love most about fall. When I lived in Florida I missed having apple orchards around to visit, and my fall didn't really feel complete. I mean, where else do you get your apple cider donuts and carmel apples?

I think my love for orchards is due to the class trips we always took to go apple picking in grade school. I always loved those days when we got to skip regular classwork to be outside and come home with a giant bag of apples. I thought field trips to the apple orchard were a normal thing for grade schoolers until I mentioned it to my friends in college and they had no idea what I was talking about. I think they missed out on an important educational opportunity there.

10. Fall Festivities. I feel like big, fun activities always take place in the fall. In high school I had marching band (don't hate!), in college I met most of my friends during the fall, and in Disney we had the Food & Wine festival I met Drew. Plus there's Halloween, football and all the other fun stuff I've already mentioned here.

Maybe it's all of the excitement around a new school year starting or the approaching holidays? Whatever it is that brings so much excitement to fall, I love it. I still miss summertime every day, but at least fall has a lot going on to distract me from the cooler temps and lack of sunlight. Plus, it could be worse. It could be winter.

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