Thursday, November 17, 2011

Our Wedding: The Ceremony

In case you're just catching up on my wedding recap, here's what you've missed so far:

And now, the ceremony!

After taking pictures for probably a couple hours, it was time for me to head back to my dressing room to wait until it was my time to walk down the aisle.

I was pretty much going crazy sitting and waiting when I could hear our friends and family arriving at the church (my room was just down the hall from the church's entrance, so we could hear everyone mingling in the lobby). Thank goodness I had my bridesmaids and my dad waiting with me or I would have lost my mind!
The ceremony started with our moms lighting the unity candle, then my mom headed back to the dressing room to wait to walk down the aisle with me...
... while Drew sat his mom in the sanctuary.
And then the processional finally began! Everyone looked so great in their suits and dresses, and no one fell either ;)
My turn!

I chose to have both of my parents walk me down the aisle, which I realize, to some people, is a weird decision. It meant a lot to me, though, to have them both with me because 1. they're both "giving me away," not just my dad and 2. My mom has had just as big of a role in my life as my dad so having her sit in the crowd instead of walk with us seemed silly to me.
Before the ceremony I thought that the walk down the aisle was going to feel like the longest walk in the world, but it was so short. I kind of felt like a goof just smiling at people (particularly the ones I didn't know or recognize) but I was too happy to help it!

When we reached the end of the aisle, Pastor Mike led us all in prayer first and then we all exchanged hugs before my parents sat down so it was just me and Drew up there.
Some tears may have been shed.
This is what getting married in a modern sanctuary looks like.
Before our wedding I heard from so many people that "your wedding goes by so quickly." For me, the ceremony took forever! Maybe because my left leg was shaking the entire time, but probably because I just wanted to get down to business and be married already!

After what seemed like forever to me, but was probably only a 5-minute message, Drew and I exchanged vows and rings.
I was trying so hard not to cry that I practically whispered my vows, but Drew heard me and that's all that matters.
I almost forgot we had to light the unity candle, but luckily Drew remembered so we weren't just standing there all confused.
Our photographer warned us ahead of time to leave space between us so this picture turned out well. Glad he gave us the tip so you can actually see the candle!
After we lit the candle we had our parents join us so we could have a little time to pray together and hug it out.

Then the grand finale! I got to kiss my husband!
We did it!
And just like that, we were married!

We walked out of the sanctuary and had our slideshow play for our guests, then Drew and I headed back in to dismiss our guests by rows so we could avoid a receiving line later at the reception.

Once all of the excitement settled down a bit, it was time for more pictures. But that's a post for another day, so check back tomorrow for more of our wedding pictures, including our gorgeous outdoor shots!

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