Friday, August 12, 2011

Wedding Shower Recap

Last weekend my wonderful future-mother-in-law hosted a wedding shower for me at our church. My parents and older sister drove eight hours from Illinois to be at the brunch shower, along with lots of local friends and family.

I had an amazing time, and I still can't believe how much love and generosity everyone showed to me and Drew. Thank you so much to everyone who attended, prepared food, and helped make Saturday a special day for us! I'm even more excited for our wedding in October now!

The shower started with a delicious brunch buffet, prepared by many amazing ladies in attendance. Breakfast casseroles, coffee cake, muffins, fruit salad, and many more tasty treats were on the menu. My parents even brought up cupcakes for dessert from Trefzger's Bakery in Peoria for a taste of my hometown.
Eating tasty food with my moms!
After brunch, we played a "purse scavenger hunt" game where different items were read off of a list, and we got points for each item we had in our purses (or wallet, in my dad's case). Some items were pretty standard, like a library card or lipstick, while others were a bit more unexpected, like pepper spray. My favorite part of the game was when my dad, the only male in attendance, scored more points than some of the ladies!

Once prizes were awarded to the those with the most points, we moved on to the main event - presents! I still cannot believe how blessed Drew and I are to have such generous people in our lives. We were completely spoiled by everyone's gifts - dishes, bath towels, family cookbooks, and so much more.

Quilt from my Grandma Anderson.
Family (and my handmade belt!).
Drew and I drove everything down to my apartment the next day, and we seriously spent hours unpacking and setting stuff up (we're still not done!). The best part was seeing my apartment start to look and feel more like our place, rather than just my apartment. Everything's a bit more home-y all of a sudden, which is super exciting and makes me wish Drew lived here now.

This weekend Drew and I will be busy with wedding stuff, but not for ourselves. Our friends John and Carolyn are getting married tomorrow! I am so happy for them and so excited to celebrate with them tonight and tomorrow (and figure out how the heck they're decorating our ultra-modern church sanctuary). Congratulations to an awesome couple!

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