Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Too Many To-Dos

I had my wedding shower on Saturday, but I still haven't posted a recap pretty much because I'm lazy and work is transitioning from crazy busy to "there's such a thing as personal time?" My wedding shower was amazing, and everyone was beyond generous to me and Drew. Thank you so much to everyone who attended and helped make my shower fun and awesome! I promise I'll finish my half-written recap post soon.

In the meantime, the wedding is only 59 days away! I'm so excited we finally made it under the two-month mark, but the stress of all we have left to accomplish is starting to creep up on me. Drew and I have been using the checklist from The Knot to track our planning progress, which has been incredibly helpful. According to our list we have 75 items left to complete, although most of those are bogus "day of" and "after the wedding" items that include tasks like "Relax, smile, and enjoy the day!"

Um, thanks, The Knot, I think we've got those covered. The list actually has been helpful, though, for keeping us on track and even ahead of the game for bigger stuff like mailing our invitations and booking our photographer. 

Right now I feel like we have a million things left to take care of before the wedding, but my major (wedding) to-do list for the next couple weeks looks like this:
  • Finish writing and mail shower thank-yous
  • Pick up wedding dress (Yeah, I'm a little behind on that one...)
  • Schedule tasting with reception venue
  • Purchase centerpieces for reception tables (We're making our own instead of ordering flowers or something.)
  • Request time off work for the rehearsal (At least time off for the honeymoon has been approved!)
  • Find and buy wedding shoes
  • Maintain sanity
We obviously have a lot more left to do before the wedding like make place cards and programs, but for now I'm trying to keep my focus on the priority tasks. Including finishing that wedding shower recap post...

Do any other brides-to-be use the checklist on the Knot (or did any married ladies use it while planning)? Am I the only one who checks my list every day to see if there's anything I can check off or to make sure we're not accidentally six months behind on something?

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