Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Feeling Ruffled

My Michigan wedding shower is quickly approaching, which means another occasion calling for a new dress. Earlier this summer I went shopping with Drew to find enough dresses to last me through all of the weddings (read my recaps here and here), showers, and rehearsals on the calendar for May through October.

Luckily I had a few dresses on hand already, but a few weeks ago I realized I needed one more dress to wear to my wedding shower (because heaven forbid I wear the same thing more than once!). I had a coupon for Old Navy, so I picked up a cute little yellow sundress that will be perfect for the August heat.

But I wanted to add a little something extra so my dress wasn't just ho-hum, and I've been feeling especially crafty lately, so I decided to make a ruffled belt using these instructions from Heart of Light (via 100 Layer Cake). Plus, I can't say no to the Pinterest Challenge!

On Monday I headed to Joann Fabrics after work to purchase the necessary supplies. I decided to go with darker fabrics to stand out against the yellow dress. I picked up two different shades of navy fabric, plus a gray tulle for extra texture and contrast. The use of University of Michigan colors was completely unintentional, by the way (go Illini!).

Making the belt was super simple, and the entire project took me about 1.5 episodes of "Friends" from start to finish. Then I tried on the belt with my dress to look at the end result.

And another look at the entire outfit (plus my unmade bed):
Super simple and super cute, right? And as excited as I am to wear my new handmade ruffled belt to my wedding shower, I'm even more excited to see everyone who's attending (especially everyone from out of state)! Plus, you know, presents and stuff.

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