Saturday, August 20, 2011

Wedding Recap #3

(I didn't take any pictures at this wedding/reception, so sorry if this post is super boring.)

Last weekend Drew and I attended our third and final wedding as an engaged couple (we're next!). Our friends John and Carolyn tied the knot on Saturday in a beautiful ceremony and had a gorgeous and amazing reception to top everything off. Plus, they had a pretty handsome/awesome best man ;)

What I Liked
I'm feeling list-y and, since I don't have any pictures from this wedding, I feel the need to break things up so this whole post isn't extra-long paragraphs. Also, I liked a lot about this wedding ceremony and reception.
1. Seeing the church all wedding-ed out. John & Carolyn got married at Hopevale, the church we attend and the church where Drew and I will be married in less than two months! The church moved to a new building a year ago, so neither of us had seen a wedding in the new (modern) sanctuary. Seeing the space all dressed up for a wedding definitely helped us visualize what our own decorations and flowers will look like on our wedding day.
2. The gorgeous reception venue. Okay, seriously, the Temple Theater in Saginaw is so pretty. Not only did the couple have their names displayed on the marquee outside, but the ballroom was so stunning. So much so that I can't resist posting this picture to share the pretty.
(not from this wedding, but it looks about the same) via
3. Laughter. I don't think I've ever laughed so much at a wedding, and I mean that as a good great thing. John's dad, a pastor, officiated the ceremony, which was not only incredibly awesome and sentimental, but gave the ceremony an extra-personal touch with stories and slip-ups. I loved how this ceremony was fun but still personal and sincere.

What I Learned
1. Relax and have fun. This wedding was seriously so much fun. I'm so afraid I'm either going to be so nervous I want to puke (from being the center of attention) or crying my eyes out (because I'm sappy) at my wedding ceremony. But throughout John and Carolyn's entire ceremony they just looked so happy, calm, and excited. After all, they each got to marry their best friend that day. I need to think about the joy of the situation and how happy I am to marry Drew, and not think about everyone staring at us or my potential sappiness.
2. We need to get our stuff together. Like I said, the reception was so freaking gorgeous. But beyond how pretty the venue itself was, the centerpieces, escort cards, cake table, everything fit together so well and were so so pretty. Drew and I have a lot left to do in terms of figuring out our reception decor, but we were so inspired by John and Carolyn's reception. We actually spent a good chunk of their reception talking about what we liked and what we want for our own reception.
3. Weddings are awesome. Less than 50 days til mine and Drew's, and it can't come soon enough. It's going to be a great day and the start of an amazing marriage. If our wedding is even half as beautiful, fun, joyful, exciting and full of love as John and Carolyn's I think we'll be in pretty solid shape.

Congratulations again to the happy couple and your beautiful, wonderful day!


  1. Kristy, this was so sweet! I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself. Honestly, the night went by so quickly that I don't remember much, so it was great to read your perspective. Also, I have to tell you...I was freaking out right before the ceremony. Seeing John beforehand for pictures really helped, but i was still really nervous. But once I got up there and started holding his hands I felt a lot better...I'm sure it will be the same for you :)

    I can't wait for your wedding! Lets meet up in Owosso again soon!

  2. Your wedding was so amazing Carolyn! The whole day was so much fun, and you looked gorgeous. I know I'm going to have some nerves before I walk out, but I just need to think about the end result and I'll feel fine (I hope!).

    Definitely let me and Drew know when you have a free weekend this semester so we can get together! Maybe we'll come down to Williamston to check out this brewery near you...