Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Finishing Touches

So remember in my first Thankful Thursday post when I predicted I would forget to post the next week? Yeah, that totally happened. But I remembered this week so I guess it's all good.

The wedding is majorly creeping up (only 37 days to go!), but luckily Drew and I are staying on top of everything pretty well which gives me a lot to be thankful for. So let's get to it!

Getting my wedding shoes. I searched for an absurdly long time for wedding shoes that I liked, that looked comfortable and weren't obscenely expensive. Thanks to Zappos I not only found my wedding shoes last week, but I received them in the mail in two days! And they fit!

For some reason finding the right shoes was almost more stressful than finding my dress, so crossing that off the list is a huge relief.

Finishing some reception details. Drew and I found a picture of the perfect escort cards for our wedding online a couple weeks ago, and, thanks to free trial downloads of Photoshop, Drew has recreated them for our wedding! This is the picture we used for inspiration:

We've also made a decent dent in getting all of our centerpieces together. We're using candles instead of flowers for a more streamlined look. A few months ago Drew and I ventured out to Michael's to find the perfect hurricanes for our candles, but they were a bit pricey. Luckily, on a trip to Dollar Tree I was able to find the exact same candle holders for about an eighth of the price! So I took trips to two different Dollar Tree stores to find enough candle holders for all of our tables. Just a few more items to buy, and the centerpieces will be finished!

Awesome perks from our reception venue. Earlier this week Drew and I had a tasting at our reception venue for dinner options. We also worked out some details for the reception, including finding out about some pretty sweet booking incentives. We already knew we were getting chair covers for free (!!!) for booking early and that we'd also get some free table linens (white tablecloths are included with the space, but we also get colored table runners).

But the best part? We get to have free hors d'oeuvres! This is so exciting for us because we know our guests will be hungry by the time the reception starts (at 6:00 pm), but this wasn't an option in our budget. Free hors d'oeuvres? Yeah, we'll definitely take 'em.

The end of Drew's internship. Okay, this one also kind of sucks because it means he's unemployed as of next week, but it also means he doesn't have to work on weekends anymore! We haven't had a real, full weekend together in such a long time. Plus, this is perfect timing since it's crunch time for finalizing all of our wedding details and we need all the spare time we can get in order to pull together our plans.

This blog. Since starting this blog a few months ago I feel like I have so much more control over our wedding plans. Maybe because writing about the to-dos that are stressing me out gives me a better perspective on how important each task actually is rather than the inflated importance I sometimes have in my head? Or maybe because I feel more accountable for any plans that need to be started or finished? Either way, I'm glad my attempt to relieve my wedding stress and focus on what's important - marriage - is actually working.

Plus blog stats are super fun. Thanks to everyone who reads my posts :)

I'm trying to post a bit more regularly, and I have some future posts in the works, so look out for updates soon (or use the subscription link in the sidebar).

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