Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Useful Inspiration

I definitely don't use enough pictures in this blog, which I need to change. My favorite blogs have tons of pictures in every post which breaks up the text and makes everything a little bit nicer to look at.

Since I can't share any pictures of my dress right now (my fiance reads this blog) and we don't have any fun details like programs finished yet, I thought it would be fun to go through all the inspiration I've been bookmarking and pinning the last few months and post some of the ideas I love that we didn't end up using.

Even though none of these ideas will actually make it into our ceremony or reception, they still helped us land on our final decisions and inspire us along the way in terms of color and style.
Big numbers + clean lines = totally our style.
Green & gray. Enough said. Except seriously, how great is that gray border on the invite?
Candles are probably under-appreciated as an accent.
I love the look of white bouquets.
A gray cake!
Where are/did you find inspiration for your wedding plans? Anyone else out there obsessed with Pinterest?

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