Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Single Digits!

Today is a big day: the wedding countdown has finally reached SINGLE DIGITS! Holy cow. Only nine days until the wedding!

I'm just a bit excited. And thankful for quite a bit as well. Since I'm extra wordy lately with two posts in two days (here's last night's post, in case you missed it), let's just get right down to business!

I'm thankful I get to go on my honeymoon in 11 days. Seriously, I need this vacation so bad right now (thanks for that, work). Plus, what better way to celebrate marrying my best friend than spending five days with him in Disney World? I have a pretty good feeling we're going to need all that time just to recover from the craziness that will be our wedding day.

Our honeymoon is our first real vacation together, alone, and I am so excited for all of our awesome plans - Hoop de Doo, California Grill, massages, Halloween Party... do we know how to do Disney right or what?

That was a silly question. Of course we know how to do it right.
Disney proposal? UR doin' it right.
I'm thankful for awesome runs. Sometimes I like to pretend I'm a runner, and this past weekend was a big deal for me in that regard. I ran my longest distance EVER on Saturday - five miles! I know for some people that's not a huge deal, but it is for me. Last year I could barely run one mile, let alone five.

Okay, I kind of cheated during my run and took a walking break every mile, but I still finished five miles, so haters to the left. I read enough healthy living blogs every day to have been brainwashed into thinking a half marathon is a good goal to have, so we'll see where my progress is at in a few months. Once wedding planning is over I have to have something to plan for, right?

I'm thankful I don't have to live by myself anymore (soon). I used to think living by myself would be fun and cool, since I'd be the one in charge of how everything looks and where everything goes. I could be the king queen of my own castle and come and go as I please and watch my "Gilmore Girls" DVDs all the time without judgement.

Well, living by myself has actually been super boring and has probably made me a bit lazier, since no one knows how long it's been since I made my bed or how long that dirty bowl has been sitting in the sink. And there's the whole thing how whenever there's a problem with anything in my apartment, I'm automatically the one who has to take care of it (unless it's something big enough to pass along to my landlord). Kind of a bum deal, if you ask me.

See, every few weeks I get a visit from a member from some kind of mega-size spider family, and I'm forced to kill it and dispose of its body myself. The first time I saw one of these suckers, I had a mini-panic attack for ten minutes before I worked up the courage to crunch it to death with a book. Now I'm so used to them that when I walked into my apartment yesterday to find the biggest spider ever staring back at me from the kitchen, I just casually grabbed a notepad to whack it with and dumped it in the trash.

Since my not-so-little spider buddies don't seem to want to leave me alone, I'm glad I'll have Drew around to carry out my dirty work and get rid of them for me. I can only take so much spider-mashing on my own.

I'm thankful the weather is still semi-warm. Although I grew up in Illinois, living in Florida for nearly a year exposed me to the joy of warm winters, and that's a tough thing to come back from. Last winter, my first back from Florida, was pretty much the most awful thing ever. Weather-wise anyways. That whole engagement thing was pretty great ;)

I've always been a pretty big wuss when it comes to cold weather, and especially snow, but now that I know I don't have to be freezing for half of the year, sometimes I want nothing more than to move down South again. Can you imagine never having to scrape snow or ice off of your car again? I can, and it's great.

So even though the weather is decidedly colder (highs in the 60s are not my style), I'm glad we still have a few moments of warmth and sunshine here and there to transition us into fall. Just don't expect me to be this tolerant of the weather in a month or so when I'm bundled up in six different layers and dreaming about 90-degree temperatures.

Okay, enough about me. What are you thankful for today?

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  1. I went on my honeymoon to Disney. That was twenty years ago, hard to believe, I'm sure it will be more fun today.