Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thankful Thursday: We're Married!

Well, we finally did it: we got married!
Photo from Drew's mom. Many, many more professional pics to come!
October 8 seems so long ago now, even though Drew and I have only been married for 12 days. I definitely have a lot to record here: the last-minute preparations, the rehearsal, the ceremony and reception, and, of course, the honeymoon! Expect many more posts here in the next couple of weeks documenting everything.

But for now, while Drew and I are still recovering from everything and settling in together, here's a list of what I'm thankful for this week.

I'm thankful for my husband. After taking 7 workdays off for final wedding preparations and our honeymoon, to say this week has been rough on me is a bit of an understatement (working 24 hours in two days is no joke). I've been coming home stressed and frustrated (even more than usual), and Drew has been amazing cheering me up and taking my mind off of work.

Not to mention all of the housework he's been taking care of this week while I'm gone. Basically, he's the perfect husband.

Saying "husband" is so much fun, by the way!

I'm thankful for our fantastic wedding guests. I had so much fun at our reception, and, from the looks of things, I think most of our guests did too! The dance floor was hoppin' and new friendships were made. We even received compliments on our awesome guests from the bartender and DJ, which can't be that common.

Now can someone else get married so we can have another fun party to attend?

I'm thankful for a kick-ass honeymoon. Drew and I obviously went to Disney World for our honeymoon (where we met), and it did not disappoint. We relaxed, we ate, we drank, we park-hopped and just generally had a great time spending a week away from everyone and everything.

I have a more thorough post or two planned to recap our honeymoon, but here are a few teaser pictures to tide everyone over until I get around to those posts.
I'm thankful for spreadsheets. Slowly but surely (emphasis on s-l-o-w-l-y) I'm getting our thank you cards together, and tracking my progress on our guest list spreadsheet is making everything so much easier. I always knew Excel was good for something.

I'm thankful for days I can work from home. I work from home 2-3 days a week, and usually this is great for me because I'm lazy and can wait until 11am to get ready and I'm not driving as far to my appointments.

This week has the extra bonus of me being able to spend time with my husband on the days I'm not driving into the office. Sure, I still have to actually do work, but being able to look up from my computer and see Drew's face and spending my lunch break together make my day SO much better.

I'm thankful for sweaters, blankets and other warm things. Baby, it's cold outside. I'm cold almost anytime the temperature is under 80 degrees, so this 40s-50s nonsense is completely messing with my body. Wasn't I in sunny, warm hot Florida just a few days ago?

Drew and I used some of our wedding money to buy some sweet new bedding from the Pottery Barn Outlet this weekend, including an incredibly warm and comfortable down comforter. It's so cozy to sleep under and could not have been purchased at a better time. Winter weather and I are not friends, but at least I'll have our warm bed to look forward to in the months ahead!

And with that, my week of madness continues! I'll be stuck at camp all weekend for work, so I may or may not get around to posting any recaps before next week. Stay tuned!

What are you thankful for today?

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