Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ten for Tuesday: Mickey's Not-So-Scary

I've been majorly slacking on posting a Ten for Tuesday post since my inaugural post three weeks ago, and I think recapping part of my honeymoon is the perfect way to welcome back this feature!

In case you missed it, Part 1 of my honeymoon recap went up last night with details on our hotel and our dining experiences at the Hoop-Dee-Doo Revue and Chef Mickey's. We left off right before Mickey's Not-so-Scary Halloween Party at Magic Kingdom, which we attended on the second day of our honeymoon.

The Halloween Party is a special event at the Magic Kingdom that requires a separate ticket from a regular park ticket, meaning that the park has fewer people, shorter lines and special entertainment. Not only that, but the Halloween Party is special in my relationship with Drew: two years ago we met in a break room at the Magic Kingdom during a Halloween Party. Of course we had to go back to where it all started.

Why I Love Mickey's Not-so-Scary Halloween Party

1. The decorations in Magic Kingdom. Anybody who knows anything about Disney knows that they don't hold back on anything - holiday decorations included (Osborne Family Lights, anyone?). I love the fall decorations in the Magic Kingdom, and Drew and I chose an amazingly gorgeous day to view them all.
Can you believe this isn't edited?!
Plus, everything gets kicked up another notch once the Party officially starts, making everything seem a little bit more special than usual.
Oooh, spooky!
2. Shorter lines for everything. Tickets are limited for the Halloween Party, so the Park is less crowded and lines move much faster. Twenty minute wait for Splash Mountain? Don't mind if I do.

We only had to wait about 15 minutes to meet Mickey and Minnie, too. (Technically this was before the party officially started, but the Park was definitely starting to clear out already. Gotta love the off-season).
3. Candy. Trick-or-treat candy. 

Yes, you do get to go trick-or-treating at "candy stations" set up around the Magic Kingdom during the Halloween Party. Yes, Drew and I went trick-or-treating on our honeymoon.

Somehow we still have some candy leftover from the Party, which is a true testament to how much candy they give out at this thing, considering how much and how often we eat candy in this apartment.

4. In case you didn't catch it the first time, this is where Drew and I first met. Just like the Park itself, our relationship started with a Mouse. Back in 2009 Drew and I worked as interns at Disney World, and we met when we where both working at a Halloween Party.

This was the first time since we met (and my first time ever) that we got to enjoy the party as regular guests. It was amazing, just like this picture a Photopass guy took for us.
If that isn't a good Castle picture, I don't know what is.
On a related note, this Saturday is the official two-year anniversary of that fateful Halloween Party. I can't believe the goofy dude I met in a Magic Kingdom break room two years ago has been my husband for more than two weeks already. That's pretty amazing.

5. Seeing everyone's costumes. People get crazy for the Halloween Parties, since dressing in costume is encouraged. I don't think I saw anything too memorable (except for the super-tall pirate who stood directly in front of us during the fireworks), but it was still fun to see all the kids and families in crazy get-ups.

Drew and I decided not to dress up, as you can see in the picture of us above. We did, however, rock our Tigers gear since they were still in the playoffs at that point.

6. HalloWishes. The regular Magic Kingdom fireworks, Wishes, get a total redo for the Halloween Parties in the form of HalloWishes. The music is totally different and the fireworks span more of the Park (usually Wishes is behind the Castle, but HalloWishes extends towards Tomorrowland and Adventureland at certain times).

I'd never seen HalloWishes before, although Drew and I have been listening to the soundtrack for a few months now. It was so cool, and I'm glad Drew agreed to take pictures during the show so I could focus on watching the fireworks live. I think he took some great shots!

Get your head out of the way, tall guy who stood right in front of us!
7. Mickey's Boo to You Halloween Parade. This, along with HalloWishes, were the two big reasons I picked up that fateful Party shift two years ago (the other reason would be the awesome bat headband).
Although, two years ago I never actually got to see the parade because my three-hour shift before the parade was enough to make me crazy so I never hung around to catch all the action.

This time was obviously different and definitely awesome. Drew and I have a friend who still works at Magic Kingdom, and even though she was out of town during our trip she still managed to hook us up with VIP seating (thanks, Sari!).

8. The Haunted Mansion. Drew and I both love the Haunted Mansion, and it's even better during the Halloween Party.

Parts of the queue are altered just for the Party, and even though I wasn't too impressed with the additions, I still thought everything was pretty cool. We didn't take any pictures of the line, so you'll all just have to live in suspense until you can see it for yourself.

The Cast Members on the ride definitely took everything up a notch, which was so fun. There's definitely a little more fun to be had going on a haunted house ride during a Halloween Party in October versus the middle of July.

9. Getting an awesome Castle picture after the Park closes. Being stuck in line for Space Mountain right as the Park is closing definitely has its advantages.

The Party ended at midnight, but we didn't get off of the ride until 15 minutes or so later, when many guests had already made their way out of the Park.

We weren't the only ones with the idea to get a picture of the Castle as we were leaving, so the view isn't totally unobstructed, but I love pictures of the Magic Kingdom that aren't flooded with other people. Plus, I get a little kick out of that guy smack in the middle of this picture. He looks so tiny!
10. We got a bonus Park day because of the Party. Drew and I only bought two-day tickets to the Parks, which we planned to use on the Thursday and Friday of our trip. However, our tickets to the Halloween Party essentially bought us another full day at the Parks.

The Party runs from 7:00 pm to midnight, but ticket holders are allowed to enter the Magic Kingdom as early as 4:00 pm, which we took full advantage of. That meant we had a full eight hours to spend in Magic Kingdom, which was pretty amazing. We would have been way too exhausted to last all night if we had gone to the Parks earlier in the day too, so we lucked out by somehow having enough energy to last the full eight hours at the Party to make it onto most of the rides and see the fireworks and parade.

We did end up going back to the Magic Kingdom on Friday, but you'll have to wait for my next recap to hear all about that one!

Stay tuned for the next installment of this insanely long honeymoon recap!

Oh, and for those of you patiently awaiting our wedding pictures, I will post those as soon as possible, but we're still waiting for our official photos from the photographer. Hopefully we'll have them by next week, but whenever they arrive I'll be sure to post them quickly!


  1. I'm so jealous! That party looks pretty amazing. And that castle picture is definitely a framer!

  2. Thanks! I love that picture mostly because every other picture we have of us in front of the Castle is from when Drew proposed so I look totally out of it and weird in all of them! I'm excited we have a "normal" one now haha!