Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Honeymoon Continues...

Where were we? Oh yes, day three of our honeymoon.

If you need to get caught up on what took place the first two days, check out my posts from days one and two and my recap of Mickey's Not-so-Scary Halloween Party.

Day Three

I don't have many pictures from day three, but trust that it was a good time. Even though I woke up feeling under the weather with a bit of a cold, we had plenty of exciting stuff to do. First on the agenda: massages!

We took the boat from French Quarter to Downtown Disney and killed some time in the stores (to buy a gift for our future nephew, Baby O!) before taking another boat across the water to Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa for our awesome couples massage. Sorry, no pictures.

We headed back to our resort to relax for a bit and get ready for our big fancy dinner at the California Grill. We were so excited for this because securing reservations at California Grill is ridiculously hard. But, having been a Disney concierge, I was on top of that and made sure we got our reservation ASAP. 

Even better, our reservations were late enough that we got to see Wishes at the Magic Kingdom by just stepping outside of the restaurant to the rooftop balcony of the Contemporary.

Even better still, we used the dining plan for this meal which meant that Drew's $47 bison and my $39 fish were essentially free! Score!
See that bison? That is some expensive bison.

Our food was super delicious, and we were in no way fancy enough to eat there, but we had fun!

Day Four

Thursday was day four of our honeymoon, and we had plans to spend the day at Hollywood Studios.
We got to the park right after it opened and, after stopping to take the above picture, we headed over to Toy Story Midway Mania to get fast passes. We know this ride is crazy popular and that fast passes usually run out quickly, but we had no idea it was THIS crazy:
Yeah, that's the line for fast passes about ten minutes after the park opened. It was probably a thirty minute wait just to get a fast pass to use later in the day! Ridiculous. We decided the smart thing to do would be to go on other rides while everyone was either in line for fast passes to Toy Story or in line for the ride itself. We ended up heading back to Toy Story later in the day and getting through the line and off the ride in about forty minutes. Nice.

Pretty soon it was time for our lunch reservation at the Sci-Fi Dine In Theater.
I love this restaurant; it's so cool inside!
Our original plans had us spending the whole day at Hollywood Studios, but my cold got the best of me so we spent the rest of the day in our hotel room so I could get about 20 extra hours of sleep.

Day Five: Part 1

I woke up on Friday feeling much better than the day before, which was good news since we were headed for EPCOT and the International Food & Wine Festival.

Drew's big plan for the day: attempt to drink around the world. There are eleven countries represented in EPCOT, so in order to make it "around the world" Drew would have to drink eleven drinks.

Round 1: Moosehead in Canada

Round 2: Guiness in Ireland (replacement for France - thanks Food & Wine!)
Round 3: Boddingtons in the UK
Round 4: Hoegaarden in Belgium (replacement for Morocco)
Round 4.5: Sprite
Round 5: Sam Adams 16th Anniversary Ale in the good ole US of A
All done.
I didn't try to drink around the world myself (been there, done that during the College Program), but I did enjoy a beer flight in Belgium as an homage to my semester abroad.

I didn't even finish all three, and I fully blame it on all of the Benadryl and Claritin pumping through my system to relieve my cold. Drew ended up drinking one of my mini-beers, so his grand total is roughly 5.33 (repeating, of course).

FYI, when I tried to drink around the world back in '09 I made it to 5.5. Who's the lightweight now? Still me.

Somewhere around Morocco or Italy or something we stopped to have a kindly stranger take our picture. It didn't turn out too bad considering half of us were drunk and the other half was high on Benadryl.
And because I like to play fair, I'll post this ridiculous picture of me eating a Mickey ice cream bar to balance out all of the drunky Drew pictures I just shared with the world.

Up next: the rest of day five and day six! I'll finish recapping this honeymoon eventually, and it's going to be great to have it all done!

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