Sunday, July 15, 2012


During the two years I lived in Michigan, I had about 8 job interviews in attempts to land a position better suited for me than the job I had. Obviously none of them worked out, which is part of why Drew and I moved to Florida.

Since we arrived a few weeks ago, I've had three interviews (OK, really just two since the 3rd is tomorrow). Clearly the job market is a little bit better here than back up north, which is just fine with me. I'll give some more details about my job hunt once I have some more interesting news to share (i.e. when I actually have a job - which will hopefully be soon), but for now I'm focused on the interview.

Specifically the interview suit. For all of the interviews I've had in the past two years, I've had the same rotation of 2 or 3 shirts to wear with my suits. Which is getting kind of old. So I've been doing some online window shopping lately to daydream about something more interesting to wear on my interviews and to my eventual job.

black & white

Top row (left to right): J. Crew, American Eagle, Topshop
Bottom row (left to right): Alloy, Forever 21, J. Crew

I made the collage with Polyvore, which is an excellent time suck and a great way to make collages if, like me, you don't have PhotoShop or Snagit. If you're interested, you can check out my other Polyvore collections here.

Hopefully I'll have a job update for you soon, but until then I'm prepping for my next interview and planning some more posts (I might as well be productive in my free time, right?).

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  1. Loved that purple belt on your Polyvore