Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Birthday Adventures (And a Job Update!)

I completely forgot to mention that Drew and I headed over to Downtown Disney to celebrate my birthday a few weeks ago.
After lunch and wandering in and out of shops for awhile, we decided to check out the scenery (and ice cream) at the Yacht & Beach Club and Boardwalk Resorts. We got some of the biggest sundaes ever at Beaches & Cream.
One of my favorite parts of the day? Seeing this little kid hanging out in the Magic Kingdom monorail station dressed up just like the monorail cast members. He was waving his arms to direct traffic and everything, and it was adorable. I didn't think to snap a picture until our monorail started to leave, so this blurry picture is the only evidence I have of him.
Our original plan was to hang out at one of the Magic Kingdom-area resorts to watch the fireworks that night, but by around 6 or so we were hot and tired enough to call it a day. Even though it would have been better if we could have actually visited the parks, it was still a fun birthday!

Plus, we'll have plenty of time to visit the parks whenever we feel like it now since I was officially offered a job with Disney yesterday! I start in a few weeks, so Drew and I are officially on the hunt for an apartment in Orlando. Wish us luck, because apartment hunting is intense and a bit tougher (read: waiting-list filled) than we expected.

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