Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cake Tasting & Tornado Chasing

Last night my future mother-in-law and I were supposed to attend a cake tasting with a potential wedding cake baker. That didn't happen. Instead we had a pretty interesting adventure straight out of either a sitcom or a horror movie, depending on how you look at it.

How It All Went Down
I drove up to Saginaw after work on Tuesday so we could attend a cake tasting with a woman who works out of her house. Drew had to work that night, so luckily my awesome future mother-in-law was available to go with me. Because cake tasting at a stranger's house sounds super creepy, and I didn't want to go alone.

We started on our 30-minute or so drive to Midland out in the middle of nowhere, and the sky looked pretty awful. When we were a few minutes from where my GPS told us this woman's house was, an emergency weather alert came on the radio talking about "supercell" thunderstorms (whatever that means) and ideal tornado conditions. Right where we were driving. Um, yikes! We figured the best course of action would be to pull up to the woman's house and see if we could take the cake to go and follow up with her later so we could get out of the storm's path.

Well, a couple miles down the road my GPS announced we had arrived at our location. A forest. Surrounded by a trailer park. With a little shack that I thought resembled a crack house. All while a thunderstorm threatening golf-ball-sized hail was forming above us. Scary. Not really the kind of place I wanted to pull up to, let alone go inside to eat cake.

We're no fools, so we immediately turned around and sped out of there, back to Saginaw and shelter from the storm.

The entire drive back we couldn't believe how ridiculous the whole situation was. As if trying to outrun a thunderstorm (and possible tornadoes!) wasn't bad enough, we almost walked into a horror movie in our attempt to find a wedding cake! Surely we had the address wrong, but as soon as we got back home and pulled up the baker's website, we realized that she did indeed live in that shack in the woods like some sort of ghetto Hansel and Gretel witch.

Am I making this up? Oh my goodness, how I wish. Luckily we were able to quickly find another potential baker (who attends our church so we know she checks out), so hopefully our new prospect works out well! Of course I'll post updates along the way of our continued Wedding Cake Saga.

Until then, be sure to check back for my recap of a wedding we attended over Memorial Day Weekend (our first as an engaged couple!).

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