Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Save the Date!

Well, our save the date magnets have officially been mailed! We're already getting texts and Facebook messages from friends and family letting us know they have received our save the dates, and a lot of excitement seems to be generating around our wedding.

Much like every other aspect of wedding planning, mailing out save the dates is not without anxiety. Did we accidentally forget to send one? Did any get lost in the mail? Will people be offended if they aren't invited? Will the post office charge our guests $0.20 in extra postage like the unfriendly postal worker in Corunna, Michigan, said they would?

In an effort to not completely lose my mind over every step of planning a wedding, I'm choosing to (mostly) ignore all of my anxieties. If we forgot to send a save the date to someone, we'll surely get them when we send out our invitations. Some people may throw a fit over not being invited, but I think for the most part people understand that all weddings have a budget, and we can't invite everyone we want or have ever met. And so far no one has complained about extra postage fees. Phew!

Besides, sending out our save the dates makes our wedding seem more official and real. Other people know about the wedding and will be a part of our day and our marriage. People are marking October 8, 2011, on their calendars and buying plane tickets! They're saving the date!

And by the way, is it just me or is "STD" the most unfortunate wedding jargon ever?

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