Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Honeymoon Planning: It's Really Not-So-Scary

Over the weekend Drew and I spent a lot of time psyching ourselves up for our honeymoon in Disney. Not that we really need that much psyching up; we talk about Disney all the time and perk up pretty much anytime the theme park is brought up in conversation. But still, we had a lot of fun nerding out over the five days we'll spend at the Parks in October.

Disney Nerd-ism: Part 1
My birthday is right around the corner so my parents surprised Drew and me by contributing to our Disney Honeymoon Registry. We immediately took advantage of their generosity by purchasing tickets for Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party on October 11 (but not before listening to the parade/fireworks soundtrack on my iPod for extra excitement-building).

In case anyone hasn't heard the story by now, Drew and I met during a Halloween Party in 2009 when we were both working as interns at Walt Disney World. I guess there's something about purple pants, bright green shirts and bat headbands that screams "soulmate" for us.

Looking good, right? Anyways, as soon as we decided to spend our honeymoon in Disney, we knew we had to attend a Halloween Party, and now we are! All that's missing are our awesome costumes. Any ideas?

Disney Nerd-ism: Part 2
If buying tickets for an intended-for-children Halloween fest in Disney World wasn't nerdy enough, just you wait. Once our tickets for the Halloween Party were purchased, we still hadn't had our fill of Disney-related excitement. 

We I decided we should keep the excitement going by watching a Disney movie. Not pleased with the DVD selection at Meijer, we turned to Netflix Instant to give us our geeky Disney fix. And boy, did it ever deliver:

Both movies were Travel-Channel-style shows revealing Disney "secrets" and fun facts. We already knew a lot of the "secrets" that were revealed, but they were still fun to watch and definitely did their job of getting us even more pumped for our next trip to the Happiest Place on Earth.

In the midst of finalizing many of our wedding plans, I'm not only excited for our honeymoon but grateful we decided to go somewhere so familiar to us. Knowing the Parks as well as we do will allow us to take our time and really enjoy our time at Disney and has taken practically all the stress out of planning our honeymoon. We booked our dining before we even booked our hotel room, and we've both spent enough time in the Parks before to be able to enjoy other fun stuff Disney has to offer - like the spa.

Plus honeymooning in Disney allows us to go full-circle with our relationship: we met and got engaged in Disney, and now we'll get to celebrate our marriage there too!

Are we the biggest Disney nerds ever? Maybe. Probably not. Whatever. We're going to have so much fun on our honeymoon, and we can hardly wait to enjoy our old stomping ground as newlyweds. Now about those Halloween costumes...

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