Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ten for Tuesday: Girl Stuff

I haven't written a Ten for Tuesday posts in awhile, and I'm inspired to write about some of my favorite girly things after writing about some serious stuff. Something about the warm, sunny weather just makes me excited about all of the brightly colored clothes and accessories that are in stores now. Plus my closet feels pretty boring lately, so I've been doing a lot of online window shopping.

Sorry, dudes. This one's for the ladies.

Ten for Tuesday: Girl Stuff

1. Straw hat, H&M. Wide-brimmed hats are slightly ridiculous, but necessary for sunny days spent on the beach. I need to invest in one of these hats, and I like the yellow stripes in this H&M version.

2. Skinny Jeans, Old Navy. Don't judge me for wanting a pair of jeggings. It's really only a matter of time before I actually own these, so get used to it.

3. Blouse, ModCloth. I'm really into the look of peplum shirts right now, and I like how this one from ModCloth is slightly flowy. I can see this working well with jeans or even under a blazer for work.

4. Ruched swimsuit, Old Navy. I think the last time I owned a one-piece swimsuit was sometime in middle school so I'm a little hesitant to actually own one again. This black one is pretty cute, though, and the low-cut top keeps it from being too "mom"-ish.

5. Nike Free Run+ 3, Zappos. I need new running shoes like crazy, and these are the newest version of the Nike's I currently own. Obnoxious lime green running shoes? Yes, please.

6. Shorts, J. Crew. Drew says that my 3" shorts are too short, to which I say, "Whatever." But I'm also turning 25 in a little more than a month, so maybe he has a point about getting some longer shorts than the ones I wore in high school. I love the J. Crew shorts I already own, so I have my eye on these slightly longer (read: age-appropriate) 5" chinos.

7. Heels, Seychelles. The first and only pair of Seychelles I own are my wedding shoes, so I have a soft spot for this brand. Most of their heels are more retro that these yellow heels, but I really like the color and the cork heel on these shoes. I have no idea where I would actually wear them, but that doesn't stop me from thinking they're cute!

8. Dress, Kohl's. This flowy dress is crazy cute, and looks nice and light for summer. Not that I need any more dresses right now, but this is adorable. (PS - the image is actually from Real Simple)

9. Sally Hansen Nail Polish, Amazon. I actually bought this exact nail polish from Walgreen's a few weeks ago, and I love it. In fact I'm currently wearing it on my toenails. It wears pretty well (on my toes anyway - it chipped on my fingernails in about 2.5 seconds) and is an easy way to wear the mint green trend that seems to be everywhere right now.

10. Wallet, Kate Spade. I'm a fan of larger wallets, and I've wanted to invest in a really nice one for awhile (my bank account disagrees though). This bright patent leather version is so cute, and could double as a clutch for a night out.

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  1. That bathing suit is adorable!!