Saturday, February 11, 2012

Quick Apartment Update

So, long time no post, huh? I haven't blogged in over month partly because work has dominated my life, partly because I haven't felt like it and didn't want to force out a boring post and partly because I just didn't have much to write about.

Even though I haven't been writing lately, I have made a few changes to the look of this blog. You may notice the header is now one of our wedding pictures, and I also added buttons linking you to my Pinterest boards and my Twitter feed. I'm so social-media minded.

Anyway, today Drew and I made some progress with our apartment with a quick kitchen update. The kitchen in our current apartment is so, so much better and bigger than our old apartment, but we still need a bit more storage than the kitchen offers (blame it on the wedding gifts).

About a month ago we purchased a cabinet to put in an unused corner of our kitchen to use as sort of a "beverage station." We liked how it cleared up extra counter space for us, but we didn't like the cluttered look on the counter or the empty wall space surrounding it.

This morning we finally did something about it and put up some shelves to make the space look a little nicer.
The "before" shot, plus the templates for our soon-to-be-installed shelves.
Even though our shelves came with templates to make the installation process "easier," it still took us a good 30 minutes or so to get the screws in place and everything lined up properly. Thank goodness Drew is more patient than me and was able to power through the minor setbacks to finish the job!

The finished product isn't a huge change from what we had before, but we like how it looks and the small amount of additional storage the shelves provide.
All filled up - we may change some of the items out, but this was the best we have for now! 

Now if only we could do something about the electrical box/eyesore on the wall, we'd be all set!

And just for fun, here's some shots I took of our little bar area:

P.S. Yes, that is a SodaStream machine on the cabinet. We purchased it with some of our Macy's store credit (another wedding gift perk), and have been using it like it's our job ever since. Which probably means we drink too much soda, but it's actually kind of fun to use and we don't have any soda bottles to take back to the store anymore. I highly recommend it.

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