Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Getting Settled

This has been such a crazy week (returning to work after a long weekend is so tough), so I'm going to try to bring some calm into my life by bringing back Thankful Thursday!

I haven't made a Thankful Thursday post in a few weeks now, so I'm a bit overdue. Plus, I have plenty to be thankful for and am still riding on my grateful high from Thanksgiving. Let's kick this off!

I'm thankful we're all moved into our new apartment. Moving sucks, you guys. A lot. But Drew and I have officially been in our new place for eight days, and it's awesome. Even though the square footage isn't too different from our last apartment, it feels significantly larger. We have a second bedroom, which is slowly becoming my office, and a huge storage locker in the building's basement for all of our junk (i.e. moving boxes).

We even have a (much) bigger kitchen, which is like a dream come true. I've probably done more cooking and baking in the new kitchen than I did in the year and a half at my old apartment. I love baking, so this is awesome news.

I baked these s'mores cookies in our old apartment, but I'm using this as evidence of my kitchen skills.
I'm thankful I got some potentially awesome news at work today. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm not the biggest fan of my job, but we're undergoing some major structural changes that we finally learned details about at a meeting today. The best part? There's a possibility I could end up in a more marketing- and communications-focused position in a few months. Working in public relations and communications is my dream job, so you better believe I'm going to angle for a position in that newly-created department like nobody's business. Now I just have to remain patient enough to wait one month (or longer) to find out if I landed a new position.

I'm thankful my nephew's due date is SOON. My older sister is pregnant with her first baby and my first nephew. His due date is December 11, so any day now I should become an aunt! I am so excited for my sister and brother-in-law and can't wait to meet their little dude.

I'm thankful it's Thursday. This week is going by quickly, and I love it. Bring on the weekend!

I'm thankful our Christmas shopping is almost done! Thanks to Black Friday, Drew and I are almost completely finished with Christmas shopping for each other and our families. I don't think I've ever been this proactive with Christmas shopping, but since we're celebrating Christmas with his family a week early this year we can't afford to wait (we'll be in Illinois with my family for actual Christmas).

We've even been able to use some of our wedding gift cards to purchase gifts, which makes our shopping that much better. I love getting people awesome gifts without feeling like I'm spending any money!

I'm thankful I'm healthy. I am constantly surprised lately when I wake up and am not sick. I have been around so many coughing, sniffling volunteers lately that I can't understand why I haven't yet gotten sick myself. Whatever is keeping me healthy, I'm glad it's working! I do not want to be sick this time of year (or ever, but you know).

I'm thankful we finally have a dining room table. Confession: I haven't had a real dining room table since moving into my own apartment last June. That's about 18 months without a table, and it's ridiculous. Drew and I made our first major purchase together earlier this week when we stopped by ArtVan to purchase a sweet dining room table for something like 60% off! I just got confirmation from Drew that our precious table was safely delivered earlier today, so we're looking forward to eating our first at-home meal at our very own dining room table tomorrow night!

I'm thankful our (new) Christmas tree is all set up! You'll have to wait for pictures, since I don't have my camera handy now and haven't yet uploaded any pictures to my computer, but trust me when I say Drew and I have an awesome tree. We decided to skip the Black Friday deals and splurge on a bit of a nicer tree, which we're pretty excited about. Our ornament situation is a bit sad still (Mom and Dad - hurry up and mail us my ornaments!), but it works. I promise I will have pictures up shortly.

What are you thankful for this week? Anyone else ahead of schedule on their Christmas shopping or are Drew and I totally crazy?

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