Saturday, December 3, 2011

Oh, Christmas Tree

Our Christmas tree is officially set up and decorated!
Last week Drew and I purchased our first Christmas tree and set it up in our new apartment. We got a pretty good deal on an artificial pre-lit tree at Sears on Black Friday, and we couldn't wait to set it up and bring some Christmas cheer to our little home!

We started by fluffing out the branches to make everything look fuller.
 Drew had to go solo on the taller branches since I couldn't reach to the top of our 7.5' tree.

And, yes, he does have a mustache for the time being.
 Here's our tree all assembled and ready for ornaments:
We don't have a ton of ornaments right now since we're just getting started on our own, but we did have some ornaments we received as wedding gifts to display.
And, of course, a few Disney ornaments made their way onto our branches. We picked up this on on our vacation with Drew's family last year, just before getting engaged:
Right now the other ornaments we have on the tree are some of Drew's childhood ornaments and some basic red and green glass balls we picked up at Target.

We also have a few "fancier" ornaments we picked up at the Pottery Barn Outlet last weekend, like some cool textured white ornaments and a cute little Santa. Our tree still has some empty space, but those will be filled when we get my ornaments in the mail from my parents any day now.

Our tree topper is a sparkly star from Target. I didn't think Drew would go for it since it's so glittery, but he was actually the one who suggested buying it. It's the perfect finishing touch to our simple tree!

Here's our tree in all of its glory, complete with ornaments, a tree topper and plenty of presents around the base:
Like I mentioned the other day, we're already almost done with our Christmas shopping and gift-wrapping, thanks to a gift wrap set of paper and bows I picked up in Target's 50% off after-Christmas sale last December.

 Our tree is perfectly complemented right now by all of the snow outside of our living room window.
The view from our balcony.
 Oh, and we do have one more Christmas touch in our apartment - on our new dining room table!
When we went to the Pottery Barn Outlet last week to pick up some bonus ornaments, we also snagged this decorative lantern. The best part of the trip? This lantern and six ornaments only cost us 50 cents since we had a coupon and a rewards credit (from our Pottery Barn card) for a total of $50 off of our purchase. Not too shabby!
 Instead of filling our lantern with candles we decided to fill it with some extra red, green and silver ornaments for an extra bit of holiday cheer on our table.
And those are our Christmas decorations for now! All we really have left to do is buy stockings and a couple more presents for our families, and we'll be all set to celebrate the holiday.

Anyone else decorate their Christmas tree or put up other holiday decorations yet?

P.S. If anyone is still getting caught up on our wedding recaps, be sure to check out the new page up top, Our Wedding Recaps, with a roundup of all of my wedding and honeymoon posts.

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